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About Us

“We may not be the biggest, but we specialize in making the perfect match between what BDM has to offer and fulfilling our customers’ specific needs.” 

– Jim Burke, President and Founder of Burke Direct Mail Inc.

For over 25 years BDM has competitively offered accurate, top quality service coupled with quick turnaround times. Our experienced and dedicated staff uses the latest in equipment and technology to ensure that your job gets out on time and at the highest level of quality. BDM is strategically located seconds away from the largest postal facility in Canada, ‘Gateway Depot’, which means your mail gets into the system that much faster. 

BDM continues to adapt and grow with every year that passes. Our customers are our greatest inspiration. 

When the competition says ‘it can’t be done’ BDM says ‘there’s always a way’.

BDM takes pride in helping our customers come up with the best solutions for achieving maximum returns on all direct marketing campaigns.

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Access to the most recent product & service offerings from Canada Post and SAVINGS of up to 24% on your next Neighbourhood Mail communication, and SAVINGS of up to 64% on Personalized mail versus First Class Postage Rates.